The Controversial Immigration Plan of Donald Trump

Donald Trump proposes to take strict stance on immigration and terrorism if and when he is elected as the president of United States of America. In case Mr. Trump is able to implement what he is proposing in his election campaign, than according to foreign policy experts he will prevent nearly one third of the world from coming to the country.

The first rule that he proposes is to ban Muslims from entering the US plus countries that have a clear record of terrorist activities will also be barred. In case this rule is implemented, billions of people from as many as 70 countries will be impacted by it.

According to a foreign policy expert in case the policies of Mr. Trump are implemented then United States will alienate itself from nearly half of the European Union, a large portion of Africa and Middle East.

Plans to counter terrorism was first proposed by Mr. Trump in the month of June, in which he pledged to bar countries with links to terrorism from getting legal immigration even. But when the exact scope of the measures taken by him were inquired by a reported, his answers were nearly vague.

In a statement made to NBC News Donald Trump mentioned that you should look into the list of terror nations. At present according to US State Department there are three countries in the list of terrorism Sudan, Syria and Iran. Just a year back, Cuba was also on that list.

There is another list made by the State Department which includes countries that are not outright sponsors but they serve as safe home for terrorist. The names that are included in this list are Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Mauritania, Mali, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq.

This list is being updated quite often and it is because of this reason criteria that is set up by Donald Trump will get critical. The plans that are being made by Donald Trump are quite controversial and in all likelihood he is confused in himself as well on what steps he has to take to control illegal immigration.

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