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WWICS Review For numerous people, WWICS immigration to a new country means having a better job, rejoining the family and almost a complete change in life for good. Countries like Canada, US and Australia welcome people with legal immigration, but for them immigration fraud is a very serious thing and not at all acceptable.

Immigration Reforms from Donald Trump May Backfire

Trump consultant Stephen Miller says the new White House intend to change U.S. migration law, presented by Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, is “the biggest proposed change to our movement strategy in 50 years.”

The White House needs to return to the 1965 Immigration Act, which opened America’s entryways wide to settlers of shading and delivered the most clearing statistic change of the nation in its history.

Huge Demand for Semi-Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers in Rural Areas and Small Towns of Canada

There has been downturn in the economy of Alberta and some job losses have also been encountered this year. However, federal immigration minister John McCallum is of the view that there is still need for more immigrants in the province. John McCallum was speaking at a press conference on Friday in Calgary. The minister is…

5,000 New Applications Accepted under QSWP in 5 Hours

On 16th August, Tuesday, the government of Quebec, Canada, as expected, received an overwhelming response as Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) opened. A total of 5,000 new applications were received as the program opened. Within no time, the program reached its allotted limit. QSWP is a famous immigration program from Canada. Aspiring immigrants can submit…

Increase Your Chance of Visa Approval with WWICS Expert Guidance

Immigrating and settling down in a new country is not an easy task. You will have to convince the country, where you want to immigrate, that you have the potential and experience to contribute towards the growth of that country. Immigration officials of the new country check your educational documents, your work experience, your family…

WWICS Gurugram Reviews – Canada Federal Government to Make Changes in Cap on Temporary Foreign Workers

Consumed Complaints need to be solved soon for that only we need to take initiative which

WWICS Gurugram Reviews A company or business house in Canada can only hire 10% of temporary foreign workers as per the current rules. This rule is however set to change very soon. Looking at the current market trend and the condition of companies across Canada it looks highly likely that this restriction will be relaxed…

Canada Continues to Attract More Skilled Workers and Students from India

WWICS Complaints  Students and Skilled Workers & Professionals in India are still fascinated by the charm of the Maple country, Canada, since a majority of them are opting to immigrate to this popular destination country so as to realize their immigration dreams. “In 2012, Canada plans to admit between 240,000 and 265,000 new Permanent Residents.…