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Hungary Immigration Investor Program – Easy and Fast

Hungary is one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe and is a member country of EU zone schengen in Central Europe. Living, doing business and working Hungary is quite satisfying; one reason for this is that the cost of living here is quite low as compared to other countries in Europe. In case you are planning to establish your business in Hungary that you will certainly benefit from cheaper real estate prices.

For business investors there are two types of programs:

  1. Hungary Permanent Residence (PR)

A new immigration program has been launched by Hungary for investors. By making an investment of 300,000 Euros in Government bonds, the business investor is issued Hungary Permanent Residence for 5 years.immigration

Along with this investment amount, the business investor also has to pay an additional 60,000 Euros. Once the Permanent Residency for Hungary is issued, you as an immigrant can travel visa free to all schengen countries.

You can withdraw the investment made by you after 5 years, and can still continue with the permanent residency of Hungary. Further, you can become eligible to obtain passport of Hungary after eight years, but you will have to acquire and show good knowledge about Hungary. For more information, on how you can make this investment, feel free to contact the expert WWICS.

  1. Hungary Business Immigration

Hungary also provides a business immigration program to those who want to settle permanently in the country. The process is simple, just establish a new company in Hungary and be the owner of that business. This way you can settle permanently with your family in Hungary.

The minimum amount of capital that is required to form a company is around 10,000 Euros. The whole process is very fast and takes around 3 – 4 weeks. The business friendly environment created by the government of Hungary encourages setting up of small businesses. For small businesses the corporate taxes in Hungary is 10%.

Once the company is formed and all the papers are ready, non EU persons are eligible to apply for long term visa in Hungary embassy in their country. If you want to have complete detail on how you can settle in Hungary, then you can contact the global resettlement service provider WWICS.

For all your queries related to immigration or filling up your visa application form, there is one stop solution at WWICS complaints cell. You can read the WWICS reviews section to know about the quality of service that is provided here.

Top 5 Reasons to Immigrate to Australia

There can be various reasons as to why people may choose to immigrate to Australia. The most common among all these reasons is a balance of work and life along with outdoors oriented lifestyle and better environment.

The appeal of this vast country is clearly visible from a distance something which draws thousands to immigrate to Australia and live here permanently. Every year hundreds of immigrants make Melbourne, Perth, Sydney or Queensland their home in search for a better life.

So what are the reasons that we should immigrate to Australia? Here are top reasons as to why you should settle down in this vibrant country.

  1. Australia is a country that is founded on immigration. Back in nineteenth and twentieth century large number of people emigrated from different parts of Europe, mainly from Britain and Ireland. The ambitious immigration program followed by Australia has resulted in the population being quadrupled since World War 1. There are people living in Australia from every corner of the globe making the place incredibly diverse.
  1. Australia has a rich and prosperous economy styled in a western form. The GDP per capita of the country in the year 2014 was US$43.3, which is better than that of UK’s US$37.5.
  1. There is no doubt that the Australia has a healthy economy, but it has always faces shortage of manpower, which has somehow hampered the progress. There is abundance of opportunities for investors and skilled trades’ people to become a part of Australia. Anyone who has the right skills or business knowledge will not find any problem in settling down in Australia.
  1. Professionals and trades people in Australia are better paid as compared to many other countries. Trades persons like mechanics, carpenters, electricians, bricklayers and others, can earn around $3000 AUS in a month, in some parts of Australia. Professionals, such as architects and teachers are paid around $5500 in a month.
  1. The de-regulated economy of Australia makes it the perfect choice for making business investment. The country has a robust tax system and has technical strength along with abundance of natural resources. Numerous businesspersons apply for business visa for Australia every year.mmigrationnation

For more information on Australia permanent residency you can contact WWICS – a global resettlement service provider. You can take the expert assistance from the number one immigration service provider WWICS.

In case you have any query related to immigration or filling up your visa application form, than you can contact the WWICS complaints cell. You can read the WWICS reviews section to know about the quality of service that is provided here.


Problems In Getting Student Visa and How WWICS Can Help

The success of a student visa application depends on completely filling the application as has been asked by the embassy. To increase the chances of approval when you apply for student visa, you need to fulfill all the requirements. Most people face the problem on where to start things and how to get a student visa. In case you are confused on where to start, you can take assistance from a reputed and well known immigration service provider such as WWICS.

Before you apply for Canada student visa or for Australia student visa, you need to enroll in a course from a college or university. Deciding on which course and which institution to choose is a big problem. You can take help from WWICS consultants in making this decision. You will be able to save a lot of time.

You will have to apply for a course which fulfills the visa requirement of the country you want to go. The embassy will check for different things before you are given Canada student visa or Australia student visa. Some of the things that are checked are:

  • The country you want to go for study
  • The home country to which you belong
  • The institution where you want to study
  • The course in which you want to study
  • How you have arranged for money to study

Depending on your individual conditions, the final approval of Canada student visa is affected. You can tell your personal requirements to WWICS consultant and they will tell you the right direction to go.

Every country follows a different system and procedure to grant visa. Make the right decision the first time; just take the help from an experienced service provider like WWICS. Let us take a look at some of the things that are common in country when you apply for student visa.

  • The UK embassy follow a point based system to give student visa. When you apply for student visa for UK, you will have to obtain 40 points to get UK visa. Thirty points are in the hands of educational institute and ten points are given when you show that you have enough money to study and live in UK.
  • The first requirement to get a student visa for Australia is to show that you are financially capable to support your study. The course that you want to study and the country of your origin determines how you will get student visa.

WWICS Group has helped many students in realizing their dream to study overseas. In case you are confused on how to get a student visa? You can contact a consultant at WWICS.

You can take expert guidance from WWICS complaints cell in case you have any query related to obtaining Canada permanent residency and to settle there permanently. Thousands of people have been assisted in settling down in Canada and their feedbacks can be read in the WWICS review section.