Quebec Skilled Worker Program to Reopen on August 16


Pull up your socks to apply for Canada permanent residency as the government of Canada has recently announced that it will open up the Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) and a total of 5,000 applications will be accepted.

The program will open on August 16 and is expected to remain open till August 22nd; although the government expects that the cap will be reached much before the last date. Rush up, as the period is short and there are large numbers of applicants.

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Additional good news is that another intake period is expected after few weeks. You have to move fast as this program serves people on the basis of first-come first-serve basis, which is quite different from the system of ‘Expression of Interest’.

How QSWP is Different and Better than Other Canadian Immigration Program?

  • In this system of permanent residency to Canada you are not required to have a job offer and there is no pool of candidates.
  • You are not required to have French proficiency, although you get more points are given if you have the knowledge.
  • Applicants are served on the basis of who comes first and there is no requirement for invitation to apply. You will gain points according to the area in which you have worked.
  • The best feature of QWSP is that you can apply for this program even if you are already in Express Entry Pool.

This is a chance which a person who wants to settle in the exciting and vibrant region of North American just cannot afford to miss. The number of applicants invited for Quebec Skilled Workers Program will be filled up within the blink of an eye.

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