WWICS Chandigarh – Canada Needs More Immigrate to Compensate Aging Workforce

WWICS Chandigarh

Companies in Canada are in a big problem and the reason is shortage of labor. The local labor market is aging fast and is becoming unemployable and the birth rate in Canada is also not that promising enough. What this means is that Canadian company will have to look outside the national boundaries in order to compensate for the shortage of labor.

This comes as good news for people seeking for Canada immigration. However, at present, a Canadian company can only have a total of 10% of its total workforce from the outside. But, the government is planning to make changes in these regulations.

Canadian Companies Are Unable to Find Adequate Workforce Locally

Industries that have been affected the most in this arena include the food processing industries, particularly the meat processing ones. Since the time the restrictions were implied by the Conservative government it has resulted in chronic labor shortages in this industry.

Business has been affected adversely for the only reason of shortage of labor. It is for this reason the Canadian government has set up a target to bring in nearly 300,000 immigrants in this year alone. Another reason as to why these jobs have been left vacant is because local Canadians are not willing to work for them as they consider them as low paying.

Slow Birth Rate and Aging Workforce of Canada

Food processing industry is not the only one that is affected by insufficient workforce. There are numerous other sectors affected by shortage of labor. All the efforts made by the Canadian government at present are directed towards bringing in more immigrants to the country.

A bill has been proposed to make it easy for permanent residents in Canada to apply for citizenship earlier than it was possible before. The government is also making plans to increase the share of foreign workers a Canadian company can have.

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