Donald Trump Violated Immigration Rules Says Former Models

Donald Trump never ceases to surprise us whether it is through his vociferous comments and outrageous nature or through his unpredictable moves. In the latest news, the Republican presidential candidate will be meeting Mexican president.

This latest turnaround has surprised everyone including politicians from his own party. Everyone is surprised because of the fact that Trump has always proposed to build a wall separating Mexico from United States to prevent illegal immigrants from coming to the country.

The topic of immigration has been at the core of the presidential campaign for Donald Trump. He has been making claims that undocumented immigrants have stolen jobs from Americans and are draining away the wealth of the country.

At one point of time, he also proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the country. In his latest speech he was talking on the same topic again. This time, he picked up visitors who come to the country and overstay their visa period. He made the noise that when an illegal immigrant takes up a job, the rights of an American are being violated.

In the latest finding, it has been revealed that Donald Trump was once himself a culprit and violated the rights that he is talking about now. Trump Model Management, a modeling agency in New York, used to hire foreign models that had come to America as tourists. These tourists did not have the permission to work here.

Three formers models of the Trump Model Management have shared their story with Mother Jones. Another model has filed lawsuit against the modeling agency based on the immigration and financial records, claiming that she worked for the agency even though she did not had proper visa.

Tourists who come to the United States are generally not allowed to work in the country unless they have a special visa which is applied by the employer who wants to employ them. Fines and even criminal charges can be imposed of employers who do not go through this procedure.

These allegations on Donald Trump show that he is not actually a clean person, although nothing has been proven till now. It is clear here that immigrants have contributed considerably to the economy of United States.

For example, the EB-5 visa program wherein a person has to make investment to stay permanently in the country. These investments have provided financial support to numerous projects and have given a better life to immigrant.

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