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Canada Achieves Immigration Target with 320,000 New Immigrants in Past Year

Canada said it and now it’s accomplished. The target to bring over 300,000 new immigrants in one year has been achieved by Canada. According to the latest update, nearly 320,000… Read more »

John McCallum Says Canada Wants to Boost Immigration

The Liberal Government of Canada has planned to revise the immigration targets in the month of November. The immigration minister of Canada has stated that many people have come up… Read more »

Early September Canada Immigration News Brief

Here is a look back on the developments that have taken place in the past week concerning Canadian Immigration and citizenship. This news update will help aspiring immigrants in one… Read more »

Donald Trump Violated Immigration Rules Says Former Models

Donald Trump never ceases to surprise us whether it is through his vociferous comments and outrageous nature or through his unpredictable moves. In the latest news, the Republican presidential candidate… Read more »

Build a Better Immigration System, Not a Wall – Gary Johnson to Donald Trump

Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico and the presidential nominee for Republican Party expressed his opinions on the proposals on immigration sent out by Donald Trump. He pointed… Read more »

Huge Demand for Semi-Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers in Rural Areas and Small Towns of Canada

There has been downturn in the economy of Alberta and some job losses have also been encountered this year. However, federal immigration minister John McCallum is of the view that… Read more »

5,000 New Applications Accepted under QSWP in 5 Hours

On 16th August, Tuesday, the government of Quebec, Canada, as expected, received an overwhelming response as Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) opened. A total of 5,000 new applications were received… Read more »

Canada’s Quebec Skilled Workers Program is nearing. Are you prepared to Apply?

WWICS Mohali Reviews Have you prepared your to apply for the Quebec skilled worker program? In case you have not heard it yet, the government of Quebec, a province in… Read more »

Canada Ranks as One Of the Most Peaceful Countries in the World

Canada is again in the news for being one of the most peaceful and safe countries in the world, according to a new report. The beautiful country, Canada, is not… Read more »

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Quebec Skilled Worker Program to Reopen on August 16

WWICS Pull up your socks to apply for Canada permanent residency as the government of Canada has recently announced that it will open up the Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)… Read more »

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WWICS Chandigarh – Canada Needs More Immigrate to Compensate Aging Workforce

WWICS Chandigarh Companies in Canada are in a big problem and the reason is shortage of labor. The local labor market is aging fast and is becoming unemployable and the… Read more »

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Canada’s House of Commons Passes Citizenship Act

The Canadian House of Commons has passed the legislation to make changes to the citizenship act of the country after a third reading. On the same day, the bill went… Read more »