Build a Better Immigration System, Not a Wall – Gary Johnson to Donald Trump

Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico and the presidential nominee for Republican Party expressed his opinions on the proposals on immigration sent out by Donald Trump. He pointed out that Mr. Trump is trying to gain votes on the back of immigrants, both undocumented and legal.

Johnson has served as the Governor of New Mexico which has by far the largest population of Latino residents in the country. He stated that politicians should make use of their common sense and try and find out what the real problem is.

From being and extremist to moving slowly towards the middle path on the topic of immigration by Donald Trump is because of some reasons. Donald Trump earned the nomination for presidential race by promoting the concept of building a wall across Mexico and sends back the 11 million undocumented immigrants.

To begin with, sending back 11 million people is not an easy task if it is not impossible. Thinking of such a thing is simply ludicrous. Every person knows the fact, including Donald Trump, that this is a life soaked in promise.

It is difficult to imagine that, America, which has always welcomed immigrants with open arms since time immemorial, will be sending away millions of people loaded in buses. It is an image which is hard to digest.

A fair and safe way will be to enable undocumented, non-criminal immigrants to come out in the open and obtain a legal status and start contributing more in the development of the country by paying taxes. There is nothing special or out of the ordinary in this path. It is just a simple use of common sense, to legalize clean, undocumented immigrants, with families and jobs. Give them a social security number and make them live just like everyone else is living.

It has been found in a recent poll that, supporters of Donald Trump, who nominated him, are in favor of such common sense approach from America.

Whether Donald Trump wins or loses, one thing is clear that he cannot run the country in perfect cohesion, by throwing away millions of people living here. Do you want to immigrate to America by way of investment through EB-5 visa program, than you can put forward your questions to WWICS complaints cell.

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