Early September Canada Immigration News Brief

Here is a look back on the developments that have taken place in the past week concerning Canadian Immigration and citizenship. This news update will help aspiring immigrants in one way or the other when they prepare their visa application file.

Saskatchewan Opens International Skilled Worker’s Program for 700 New Applications

On August 30, 2016, Saskatchewan surprised everyone just like before when it opened the SINP (Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program) for international skilled workers. This program allows skilled workers who have the required experience in an in-demand occupation to submit their application for provincial nominee certificate.

When a person receives this certificate, he or she becomes eligible to apply for permanent residency of Canada. The most interesting aspect of this program is that a person does not need to have a job offer from Canada. A total of 700 new applications were accepted this time for the program.

Canada Plans to Open Seven New Visa Application Centers in China

It has been stated by the government of Canada that Canada has been allowed to open seven new visa application centers in the country. This announcement was expected from the time the immigration minister of Canada, John McCallum paid a visit to China.

The announcement was made on September 1, 2016 in a joint statement which also addressed security, trade and environmental issues. As and when seven visa centers come into effect, China will have a total of 12 visa centers. These new offices are part of the plan to boost tourism in China and increase the number of tourists that are coming to Canada from China. A research has found that Chinese tourists to Canada are at the third spot followed by Americans and Britons.

The Number of Invitation to Apply Issued Increases by One Third in the Latest Draw

In the latest express entry draw a total of 1,000 applications were accepted to be sent the invitation to apply (ITAs). In the past draws that have taken place, around 750 to 800 applications were accepted. It goes on to show that Canada is working towards achieving its target of welcoming 300,000 new immigrants this year.

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