Check the Credibility of Immigration Service Provider

Check the Credibility of Immigration Service Provider

A potential immigrant usually hires an immigration agent or service provider to help out in preparing the documents and to reduce the time spent in preparing it. There are many service providers who provide genuine and trustworthy service such as Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS).

In order to provide legal service, an immigration service provider needs to have proper authorization to serve an individual seeking immigration. Recently two people were caught in Regina, Saskatchewan as they posed as unauthorized immigration agents.

Check whether the immigration agent is authorized to serve you

It is illegal for a person to represent your file and charge you for the service unless he or she has the proper authorization. The first indication of service provider having authorization is that.

According to a statement released by government of Canada, you should not take the service of an agent or person who is not a member in good standing. You can check at the online websites of many law societies to find out the status of a member.

Once you are satisfied that the immigration service provider has proper authorization, you can also check the past records of the service provider you wish to deal with. A good service provider will never hesitate to disclose the past record, WWICS Complaints .


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