Protect Yourself From Immigration Fraud

You must have come across advertisements that claim to provide work permits and give assurance of high pay in Canada. There are some adverts that promise to provide scholarships in case you wish to study in a college or university in Canada.

You as a potential newcomer to Canada must be aware that many of these promises are fake. In case you use the services of such people, it is quite possible that your application to immigrate to Canada will be rejected.

When you apply for immigration to any country, you should keep in mind that there is no agent or application that is given a special treatment. Equal consideration is given to all the received applications and no unfair means are followed.

You should choose carefully when you decide to hire a representative. There are many reputed immigration service providers like WWICS. Thing is you should be able to differentiate between a good service provider from a bad one.

What You Should be aware of

  • Nobody can guarantee you a visa. Immigration service providers can help you to fine tune your application so that the waiting time on the application and the chances of rejection are reduced.
  • Only officers at Citizenship and Immigration Canada have the right to decide to grant you a visa or not. Misrepresenting yourself through fake documents and false statement is a serious crime. At the first place, your application will be rejected and other serious consequences will follow.
  • You will not be able to enter Canada for next five years
  • You will be listed permanently in fraud database maintained by CIC
  • Your permanent residency may be revoked in case the information provided by you is found false later on. WWICS Complaints

WWICS reviews left by an ex-client, Prabhjot Kaur, read as follows: ‘I want to thank you for all your efforts. I have received my visa for Canada. Really appreciate your work. Keep up the good work. You have the best team which help the client to the last’.


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