Complaints From Spouse When They Act as Immigration Sponsor

Canada has opened up its doors to welcome thousands of immigrants. These large numbers of people will provide their bit in the growth of Canadian economy. In return, these people will get better living standard and loads of working opportunity.

In this bunch of people, there will be some who will try to enter and settle in the country through illegal means. One of the by-products of open door immigration policy is fraud that is attached with it.

There are different types of fraud that are committed by people. In a specific type of fraud many people who are already staying in Canada claim that they should be granted permanent residency or citizenship as they have been staying for a long time in the country.

A number of complaints have come to Canadian immigration authority that permanent residents or Canadian citizens sponsor their spouse and soon they are abandoned as they achieve their permanent residency status. It is a problem not only for the abandoned spouse but also for the country as well.

Taking in account the number of such complaints that have been received till now, the Canadian government has decided to bring some changes in the rules. Following the footstep of other countries like US, the country is planning to grant only conditional residency that is given on the marriage.

This conditional residency is void in case the marriage breaks. The proposed plan to counter immigration fraud has brought mixed reaction from people. WWICS Complaints have come from many people that there is no guarantee that a normal legal marriage will last for one year or more.

On the other hand, if one of the spouse is abusive than the other person will have to stay in marriage just to maintain his or her permanent residency. Plus, the conditional residency is only there for a specified period of time.

The new rule is not good enough to stop immigration fraud. The government has to find out some other way out to counter such types of fraud.

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