WWICS Amritsar Reviews – Supreme Courts Puts Brake On Obama’s Immigration Plans

WWICS Amritsar Reviews

The Supreme Court of the United Stated of America has made an important announcement that it is divided on the plan from President Barack Obama to provide protection to millions of immigrants who are living illegally in the country.


This decision has come as a big blow to the 2014 executive action taken by the president which was put into action without recommendation from the congress and the case will now be heard in a lower court. The news has been applauded by Republican house speaker Paul Ryan and he made the statement that only congress should frame the laws.


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The latest ruling from the congress is quite heartbreaking for millions of immigrations who were thinking that they will get the legal right to live in the country. President made the statement that these illegal immigrants are Americans in every right except for they do not have any papers to prove that. Sooner or later changes will take place.


Congress just cannot be ignoring these millions of Americans for an unlimited period of time. The program which was initiated by President Obama would have given legal right to millions of illegal immigrants to work in the country in a legal manner.


One of the judges in a bench of a total of nine judges was missing because of the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. This resulted in a deadlock between the remaining eight judges as the vacancy of the ninth judge is still not filled.


This latest ruling and the consecutive actions that will be taken in the coming time will have a big impact on the fate of millions of immigrants who are living illegally in the country.


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