WWICS Ahmedabad Reviews – Immigrant Labor Play Big Role In Canadian’s Economy

WWICS Ahmedabad Reviews

The topic of immigration is selling like hot cake in Europe and USA, moving straight from the oven and into the mouth of people. While, majority of the countries are showing displease on having more new faces in their country as immigrants, there is one country which indicates that the growth in the labor market of its country is only possible through immigrants.

Due to all the news that is circulating on immigration, most of which is negative, it has become a cause of worry for aspiring immigrants who want to settle in a new country. There are still many countries where immigrants contribute a great deal towards their growth.

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In case you have any doubt in the saying than you cannot deny the numbers and findings from various research institutes. The number of immigration to Canada has increased by 6.6% in just one year and a total of 260,200 immigrants were given employment in the labor market.

These numbers have been put forward by none other than the Statistics Canada. During the same period the numbers of jobs that are taken by native born Canadians have gone down to 93,000.

The data is only available from 2006, but it has been said that in case this trend continues there will be further decline in the number of employment given to native born Canadians, in decades since the recession took place.

This change in trend points to a situation where in economic activities of the country are moving towards centers where there is high concentration of immigrant workers such as Vancouver and Toronto from regions where there is less density of immigrant population like Alberta.

This change in trend also indicates that native born population in Canada is getting old and is less employed in the labor market, even in cities that have booming economy.

The economy of Canada has come to a point where it is on the verge of tipping over. The average age of immigrant workers in the country is significantly less than native born workers in the labor market. What this means is that the growth of Canada will come to a grinding halt if there are no immigrants.

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