WWICS Muscat Reviews – Obtain Multiple Citizenship Through WWICS Expertise

WWICS Muscat Reviews

Those who have seen classic spy movies from bond to Bourne must be familiar with an oft used scene where the spy has a suitcase full of cash and multiple passports for a quick getaway. Many of us dream to have such a lifestyle. Well, if you have got a bag full of cash than you can certainly have multiple passports.

You do not believe, just get in touch with Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services (WWICS) and know how you can obtain citizenship of Caribbean Islands by applying for business visa there. The citizenship-by-investment program from St Kitts and Nevis of the Caribbean Islands is the oldest and longest running in the world. In case you have any question you can contact WWICS complaints cell.

The first option to obtain citizenship is by making a non-refundable donation of $250,000 in a public charity organization. Another option is by making an investment in the real estate sector of the country to the tune of $400,000. According to economists, St Kitts is a well run country and making an investment there can be quite profitable. You can get more information from WWICS complaints cell and experienced consultant.

Another Caribbean Island which is worth considering for making an investment and to obtain multiple citizenships is the Antigua and Barbuda. The citizenship by investment program was introduced by the country in late 2013. The parameters followed here are similar to that of St Kitts. Here you can either make a donation to the charity of $200,000 or make an investment is real estate of $400,000.

You can check out the WWICS reviews to find out how people were helped to obtain business visa for Caribbean Islands. There are lots of legal matters that need to be fulfilled in order to invest and obtain business visa of Caribbean Islands. With assistance from WWICS, things can become really easy for you.

The tourist industry of Caribbean is very big and it is a big revenue generator. By investing in any of the above mentioned two countries you get the chance to live in exotic place plus a promising business venture will provide you additional income. Go through the WWICS reviews and get assurance on the quality service provided by them.

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