WWICS Delhi Reviews – Immigrant Children Perform Better at Workplace and in School than Canadian Born

WWICS Delhi Reviews

Questions are often asked as to what benefits does immigrants bring to a country. Local people are at unease many times complaining that the local jobs are being stolen by immigrants and that they take away the money to their country.

These people should understand that a legal immigrant has come to their country because there was shortage of professionals in certain area. They have been called to fulfill this shortage of manpower. History is evident that immigrants have contributed tremendously towards the growth of the economy of a country.

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Statistics Canada has published a study recently in which it has been found that children of immigrants are performing better than those of Canadian born parents. In terms of the socio-economic structure, immigrant children graduated at the rate of 91.5% from high school as compared to 88.7% Canadian born children.

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This is just one of the signs that immigrants are not a burden to the Canadian economy and they contribute as good as, if not more, than the local people. The study was published with the title Educational and Labor Market Outcomes of Childhood Immigrants by Admission Class.

The objective of the study was to monitor the completion rates and earning status of children who immigrated who came to Canada before the age of 18. The study has concluded that there have been significant differences in the social-economic status of immigrant children depending on the admission class of their parents.

There are two main reasons as to why these differences exist and they are:

  • The official language ability and education of parents
  • The distinctive circumstances that are being experienced during pre and post immigration period by the different admission classes.

When we talk about the educational attainment, the highest university completion rates were found among the children of business immigrants and skilled workers.

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