Where You Want to Settle After Immigrating to Canada?

Where to start living in Canada after you land there is a difficult choice to make. For many people, this decision is made based on the location of their friends and / or family members as they can get the much needed support during the early days as they begin their new life in Canada.

Another way out to determine where to live is by assessing the long and short term benefits and opportunities associated with living in a particular city and province in Canada.

Talking about the fastest growing province in Canada, British Columbia can be said to be taking the number one spot in recent years. Immigrants who are career minded need to be aware about this and should consider British Columbia and Vancouver as a seriously good option.

According to statisticians, it is expected that there will be one million more job openings in the next ten years in British Columbia. This is because of the fact that a large number of employed people will be moving towards retirement in the coming time. It is also said that there is a shortage of skilled labor force in the country.

When you take a look at the economic growth that has been predicted for the province, you will start to have a clear picture of the amount of employment that will generate in BC in the coming years.

The Immigrant Employment Council of British Columbia has developed the Facilitating Access to Skilled Trades in BC project (FAST BC) with financial support from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The objective of FAST BC is to make sure that immigrants who are coming to this province are hired so that their skills and expertise can be utilized in the best possible way. Employers in BC also get the required help so they can easily integrate immigrants and a more inclusive working environment can be built for them.

It also makes sure that the sectors and regions that are facing shortages of skilled workforce can get better access to skilled immigrants who will make British Columbia their home in future. The program offered by FAST BC is free provided you qualify for it.

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