WWICS Gurugram Reviews – Canada Federal Government to Make Changes in Cap on Temporary Foreign Workers

WWICS Gurugram Reviews

A company or business house in Canada can only hire 10% of temporary foreign workers as per the current rules. This rule is however set to change very soon. Looking at the current market trend and the condition of companies across Canada it looks highly likely that this restriction will be relaxed and more foreign workers will be allowed to be employed by foreign companies.

When we talk about the condition of Canadian companies, they have state-of-the-art latest technology at their factories, but what is plaguing them is shortage of labor. The industries that have been particularly affected are the food processing industries, including the seafood processing and meat processing industries.

The working of these companies is hampered because of the shortage of labor. The fact that industries like hospitality and food processing, are labor intensive industries and in case enough manpower is not available then the working of these companies gets hampered considerably.

What makes matters worse is that enough manpower is not available locally and since there is a cap on hiring temporary foreign workers, the shortage of manpower in these companies remains for a long time if not forever.

The only way out to this problem is to hire more workers from across the border. This is the only way through which companies across Canada can overcome the problem of labor shortage. In case you have any plans to immigrate to Canada and are confused as to how and from where to start then you can contact the WWICS complaints cell and ask your questions from them.

The result on what changes takes place when the federal government reviews the cap on temporary foreign workers. According to sources it has been predicted that the cap will either be relaxed or completely taken off.

As and when this change comes into effect it will be welcomed with open hands by all those who are looking forward to work and settle in Canada. Temporary work visa in Canada give rich experience of working in Canada. It also opens the door to apply for permanent residency for Canada later on.

There are many ways to immigrate to Canada including permanent residency, study visa and skilled worker visa. It depends on your individual requirement as which one will be suitable for you.

Just take a look at WWICS reviews on how well clients have been served by this global immigration consultant in settling in a new country. In case you have any question related to immigration you can free contact WWICS complaints cell without any hesitation.

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