Some Warning Signs of A Fraud Immigration Agent

When you take any type of service in any industry, one word that is often associated with them is ‘fraud’. In this age of cut throat competition where every person is looking for better life, many individual chose for easier and shorter route.
Immigration fraud is something that every immigrant who has settled abroad or is aspiring to settle abroad must be familiar with. Many people come and speak out WWICS complaints that they have been cheated by some immigration agent.
Considering the huge amount of money that is involved in it along with the highly complex process and secrecy maintained by visa granting authorities, it is but natural that scams erupt every now and then.
Here are some examples picked, after evaluating WWICS reviews, of common tactics used by fraudulent agents to trick innocent people who are looking for better quality of life.
• A fake agent will make claims about his approach with the concerned immigration office. He may claim that he can get special favor to you. In reality there is no such thing and any agent who makes such claim is only trying to get more money from you.

• A registered and licensed immigration agent will never hesitate to put his signature on a form as and when it is required. In case an immigration agent does not want that his name is used at any place, than it is quite possible that he is not registered or does not have proper licensing.

• Bluffing is one of the arts used by immigration scammers. These people have mastered this art. They make false promises to you and this continues till the time you have paid them the money. After that different types of excuses start to come out from their mouth.

Among the many WWICS complaints received, people talk about different issues faced by them with different immigration agents. The best immigration service is provided by WWICS. In case you want a confirmation just take a look at one of the WWICS reviews left by an ex-client: ‘I am very thankful for the service provided by WWICS. My process of immigration was eased out and everything went smooth. I had heard out hardships aspiring immigrants go through. Nothing of that sort happened to me. Thank you WWICS’.

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