Provide Genuine Information to get Genuine Immigration Service

Is there any such thing as ‘100% guaranteed’?

It is a term prominently used by various businesses and organizations including immigration agents. When we take a look at past records of immigration agents and the secrecy followed by visa granting authorities, this term is nothing but a marketing gimmick.

Many people post negative reviews or WWICS complaints on the internet. They feel cheated and complain that the agency is a fraud. It should be noted here that everything is not in the hands of an immigration agency.

People who put WWICS complaints that their file was in process for very long is mainly because the visa granting authority view each case individually. They do not clear the file unless they are clear with all the information that is mentioned by you.

Thousands of cases that have been successfully processed by the agency speak about the genuine and diligent work that has been undertaken by them in the past 22 years. The agency works according to the information provided by a client. They consider that the client is acting in true faith towards them and guides him or her according to the credentials shown.

In case a client has presented information in a manipulated form, then it is caught by the visa embassy as they cross check information. The end result is that the process takes longer than usual time or the application is rejected completely.

In such incidences a frustrated client shouts that a fraud has be committed and puts negative WWWICS reviews on the website. But, when the whole scenario is considered, there is no fault on the part of the immigration agency.

How can you expect proper treatment from a doctor, if you did not provide true information? Afterwards the patient complaint, that the doctor is not good. Same is the case with immigration agency, in case you do not provide true information, how can you expect genuine service.

WWICS reviews provided by one of its client read as follows: ‘I wish to thank you for the dedicated effort put by you. I received my Canada visa recently. The team here is really helpful and very competent. Keep doing the good work and all the best’.

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