How Indians Can Immigrate to UK

Across the globe, one of the toughest immigration policies is being followed by United Kingdom. The charisma of this country is such that, even though there are lots of hurdles, there is still no shortage of people who wish to settle down in Great Britain.

The craze is particularly high in Asian countries and specially India. Thousands of aspirants line up every year to grab any opportunity that can take them to UK.

The UK visa system can be broadly divided into two categories – Tier 1 and 2. Candidates are judged on the basis of points obtained by them in the Tier 1 visa category.

UK Tier – 1 visa is given to highly esteemed candidates who have the ability to contribute considerably to the economy of UK. Who can apply for this visa?

  • Top notch professionals
  • Business owners – Before the First grant point evaluation is carried out. The financial profile, linguistic abilities and background of the applicant is evaluated in the initial assessment. An applicant has to obtain 95 points in order to qualify. At the time of renewal, the profile of a migrant granted entry is evaluated on certain parameters, such as jobs created, investment made in actual terms and the activity record.
  • Investors – To obtain visa as an investor, an applicant is required to obtain at least 75 points. An applicant can obtain these points if he or she can show ready funds which can be invested. The credit facility and financial profile of the applicant should be qualified from a designated financial institution in UK.
  • General Classes – self-employed advocates, artists, composers or writers, and highly skilled migrants can also apply to settle in UK. These types of applicants are also supposed to obtain 95 marks if they want to qualify.

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