Huge Demand for Semi-Skilled and Highly Skilled Workers in Rural Areas and Small Towns of Canada

There has been downturn in the economy of Alberta and some job losses have also been encountered this year. However, federal immigration minister John McCallum is of the view that there is still need for more immigrants in the province.

John McCallum was speaking at a press conference on Friday in Calgary. The minister is visiting different places as part of a cross-country consultation on the immigration system of Canada. Question was also asked as to how many immigrants should be welcomed in Canada in the year 2017.

According to McCallum there is a strong consensus among people that more immigrants will be required in the province. These discussions took place behind closed doors with the participants, which included representative of local organizations and businesses.

People are taking note of the long term effect of immigration and there is clear indication that the province will face labor shortages if more immigration is not encouraged. To meet out the shortage of labor more young blood is required that can put in more effort and long hours of working in the labor market.

During the entire summer months round table meetings have taken place across different parts of Canada with minister McCallum. Till now, 35 meetings have taken place including the ones in Calgary and Edmonton.

The need for more immigrants was highlighted in these meetings by employers from agriculture, meat packing and hospitality industry, as they are finding it difficult to fill the vacancy with local workers.

The main problem with Canada is that local people are not having enough babies and the population that is already there is aging. The problem is not just about bringing in more immigrants but to make sure that they are distributed evenly in rural areas and small towns as well.

The problem has also been highlighted by the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses. The businesses is rural areas are still in need for semi-skilled and highly skilled workers.

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