Hillary Clinton As President Will Bring New Tone to Washington

As the United States of American celebrates its Independence Day, the country is also preparing for its presidential election. It is worth noting here that there is a marked difference between the type of promotional campaign used by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

In case Mrs. Clinton becomes the next president of United States it is highly likely that she will work towards for an immigration overhaul and betterment of the infrastructure industry. However, she will have to come on a common ground with Republicans who would leave no chance to work against the policies of congress party.

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One of the many actions Mrs. Clinton is expected to take after becoming president is to tap the women power and have at least half of the cabinet comprising of the same. This will bring in collaborative sensibility and a new tone to Washington.

In all likelihood former President Bill Clinton will be asked to maintain a low profile, avoid any moves and grant few interviews or any other things that may spark trouble for his wife. The working style of Mrs. Clinton will be different from the recent presidents in the past.

She will not be making policies at basketball or golf match, rather her style of working will be much similar to Lyndon B. Johnson and President Ronald Reagan. Critics and media are quite confident Mrs. Clinton will perform way better as a president than she has as a presidential candidate.

A whole new approach is expected to be seen from Mrs. Clinton at the White House which will directed towards breaking the gridlock that have been in place through years. This view has been expressed by allies and dozens of campaigners who have watched closely her outlook and goals.

Provided that she is able to find wiling partners by her side, Mrs. Clinton is of the view that she can turn out to be a better dealmaker than President Barack Obama.

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