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WWICS Review For numerous people, WWICS immigration to a new country means having a better job, rejoining the family and almost a complete change in life for good. Countries like Canada, US and Australia welcome people with legal immigration, but for them immigration fraud is a very serious thing and not at all acceptable.

Canada Continues to Attract More Skilled Workers and Students from India

WWICS Complaints  Students and Skilled Workers & Professionals in India are still fascinated by the charm of the Maple country, Canada, since a majority of them are opting to immigrate to this popular destination country so as to realize their immigration dreams. “In 2012, Canada plans to admit between 240,000 and 265,000 new Permanent Residents.…

Immigration applications for Canada filed before 2008 to be accepted.

All applications for immigration for Canada filed before 2008 will be accepted. In a landmark decision a federal court in Canada has passed a ruling in the favour of such applicants directing the Ottawa immigration authorities to process all such applications About 900 applicants, many of them from this region, under the federal skilled workers’…