Carnivals, Parades and Air Shows Mark The 2106 Canada Day

Happy Canada Day to All. Canada Day is observed throughout Canada and by all the Canadians who are living across the globe. In the popular press it is often referred to as “Canada’s Birthday”. It is on July 1, 1867, the colonies of British North America, namely New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and the Province of Canada joined together into a federation.

Canada became a fully formed country in its own right and was called the Dominion of Canada. The British parliament still had some control over the newly formulated country which was withdrawn in numerous stages over the years.

Various types of outdoor public events are organized by various communities across the country on Canada Day. These activities include parades, festivals, carnivals, maritime and air shows, free musical concerts and fireworks. Citizenship ceremonies are also organized for new residents.

According to the holidays act from the federal government, Canada Day is usually celebrated on July 1, except in case that day happens to be Sunday, in such a case, July 2 is considered for statutory holiday.

No standard pattern is set up on how to celebrate Canada Day. The main center of celebration is the national capital of Canada, which is Ottawa, Ontario. It is here large cultural displays and concerts are held at the Parliament Hill.

The event is often attended by one or more members of the Royal Family and is typically officiated by the prime minister and governor general. For this year celebration for Canada Day, the city of Toronto will host an event on Friday at the Mel Lastman Square.

Various types of cultural activities will be organized here including a hoop performance by Lisa Odjig, a circus act by Illuminair Entertainment, and musical performances from Emmanuel Jal and the Soul Motivators.

For people who immigrated to Canada this year, it is will be first experience for them when they will enjoy Canada Day. Every year thousands of people immigrate and settle in Canada and become part of daily life of this country.

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