Canada’s House of Commons Passes Citizenship Act

The Canadian House of Commons has passed the legislation to make changes to the citizenship act of the country after a third reading. On the same day, the bill went through its first reading in the Senate. The government of Canada was of the view that the bill be passed into a law before the Canada Day, which falls on July 1.

The government is planning to come out with big changes in the citizenship act which will enable new immigrants to become a citizen of Canada easily and earlier than it is presently possible. Making changes in the present citizenship act is an important part of legislative agenda of the Canadian government.

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The Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act was brought into law by the previous Conservative government. When this bill was passed into a law it made the eligibility requirement more onerous for immigrants who wanted to apply for citizenship of Canada.

  • Become Canadian Citizen in less Time

One of the changes that are being proposed in the new bill is the number of years a permanent resident has to stay in the country uninterrupted in order to become eligible to apply for citizenship. A permanent resident of Canada has to stay for a period of four to six years, but with new legislation, it can be applied after three to five years.

  • Language Proficiency Requirement to be relaxed for Some Applicants

People who are working and living in Canada on a temporary status such as study or work permit will get an additional benefit as a portion of their stay will be counted towards the requirement of three years. The new amendment will remove the requirement for language proficiency for some of the applicants and the provision for intent to reside will also be repealed.

  • Canada Welcomes New Immigrants with Open Arms

The contentious provision that allows for citizenship to be revoked will also be repealed in the new legislation. All the new measures that the government of Canada is planning to take are directing towards achieving the objective of having more immigrants in the country and to create a welcoming environment for new immigrants.

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