Canada Government Propose Relaxation in Granting Citizenship

Canada is planning to make changes to some of its immigration rules. When these fresh changes will be implemented it will become easy for people who entered through Canada immigration to apply for Canadian citizenship. This answers some of the WWICS complaints that are put by people.

The latest changes that are about to take place in immigration is considered as an important step taken by Liberal government. The fresh changes will be highly appreciated by people who are preparing for Canada immigration. People who are living in Canada always have a proud feeling and becoming a citizen of Canada increases this pleasure. There are many rights enjoyed by the citizens of Canada which are not available to permanent residents.

The new proposed changes that will be implemented soon goes on to show that the government of Canada wants to make new immigrants as their citizens as soon as possible. A welcoming policy is being followed by Canadian authorities, but the evaluation of every application before granting Canada immigration is very strict.

There should never be any mistake on your part before you send your application for Canada visa. In case you make a mistake unknowingly than it may be considered as a fraud. You should check out WWICS reviews and see how many people successfully got Canada visa.

Talking about the relaxation that is proposed to be given by the government of Canada in granting Canadian citizenship, a new immigrant will only have to wait for 3 – 5 years before he or she can apply for citizenship. At present, according to the current regulation, a new immigrant has to wait for 4 – 6 years before he or she can apply for Canadian citizenship.

In the WWICS complaints received many people mentioned that the period of four to six year was too long. The new move that is proposed will bring a lot of relief to people who want to apply for citizenship. Make sure you submit your visa application right at the first time, in case you are searching for a trustworthy resettlement service provider just take a look at WWICS reviews and get assured.

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