Canada Continues to Attract More Skilled Workers and Students from India

WWICS Complaints  Students and Skilled Workers & Professionals in India are still fascinated by the charm of the Maple country, Canada, since a majority of them are opting to immigrate to this popular destination country so as to realize their immigration dreams.

“In 2012, Canada plans to admit between 240,000 and 265,000 new Permanent Residents. We have maintained the immigration levels despite the recession because our economic growth will require a steady stream of new immigrants to meet labour market demands,” says Simon Cridland, spokesperson of the High Commission of Canada in Delhi.

For those who may not be able to fulfill the eligibility criteria under the Skilled Workers & Professionals category might qualify and become Permanent Residents under other categories at a later stage.

The year 2010 recorded highest number of Indian immigrants being admitted in Canada under various categories such as: Skilled Workers, Canadian experience class, entrepreneurs, self-employed, investors and provincial nominees.

A total of 4,000 more Indian immigrants were admitted in the year 2010 in Canada where 30,252 Indians received Permanent Resident status as compared to the year 2009.

For Skilled Workers & Professionals in India, the economic categories are very attractive. Many Indians have done very well in this country as entrepreneurs, executives, academicians and in public life, as told by Deepak Obhrai, the Indo-Canadian MP from Calgary, Alberta. Indians have chosen to move to popular cities of Canada like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.

Other than applying under the Skilled Workers & Professionals category, Indians also predominantly use another popular route of immigrating to Canada through various Canadian Study Visa programs. In 2011, an estimated 13,000 Indian students studied in various universities/colleges in Canada.

Lt. Col. B S Sandhu (Retd.), CMD of WWICS, the World’s Largest Immigration Group said, “Canada is one of the most preferred destination countries for a majority of Indians since this country provides an array of opportunities to all the Skilled Workers & Professionals as well as Students so that they can carve a niche for themselves and realize their dreams of making a global career. A clear surge in the number of Indian immigrants being admitted and given Permanent Resident status elucidates it well that Canada offers one of the brightest prospects for immigration aspirants in India.”

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