Canada Achieves Immigration Target with 320,000 New Immigrants in Past Year

Canada said it and now it’s accomplished. The target to bring over 300,000 new immigrants in one year has been achieved by Canada. According to the latest update, nearly 320,000 new people made Canada their permanent home in this year.

This figure is from July 15, 2015 to July 15, 2016 and it is a new record in Canada. There has been an increase in the number of immigrants that are being accepted this year over the previous one.

Nearly 240,000 people were given permanent residency of Canada during the same period in the previous year. It is an indication of fast and efficient process of immigration that has been followed by Canada.

It has come to known that the government of Canada is not satisfied with this number and it plans to increase the number of immigrants that are accepted in a given year in the coming time.

The latest numbers have been released by Statistics Canada in the annual population count carried out this week. The numbers available earlier are not comparable strictly, but it has been said that the immigration this year has been more than in the past 3 decades.

Where are New Immigrants Settling?

According to the report from statistics, the province of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta have become more popular than ever before among the preferred destinations for new immigrants.

Nearly 28% of new immigrants have settled in one of these provinces in the past year. Alberta has gone on to become the second most popular destinations as it received more than 57,000 new immigrants. The immigration number in the province of Saskatchewan and Manitoba has also gone up, with 15,000 and 17,200 received by each.

Processing Time Significantly Reduced

It has been revealed that processing time has reduced significantly and as much as 42% in the past 12 months. There has been a considerable decrease in the processing time in the following visa category: Canadian experience class, Federal Skilled Trades class and Federal skilled worker class.

Completed applications in any of these visa categories have been processed in as little as three to five months. The Express Entry system has worked to the benefit of Canada government in achieving its target.

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