A Brief Look on Family Sponsorship Visa

One of the main components of the Canada immigration system is the visa for family reunification. This goal is achieved mainly through the Family Class Sponsorship program.

To become eligible to apply for Family Class Sponsorship visa, the person who is being sponsored to obtain the permanent resident of Canada must show that he or she is a member of the family as per the terms and conditions specified by the Canadian government.

An eligible sponsor can sponsor a person who fulfills the following requirement:

  • The person being sponsored is the common-law-partner, spouse or conjugal partner of the sponsor.
  • A dependent child of the sponsor
  • The grandfather or grandmother of the sponsor
  • Mother or father of the sponsor
  • The niece, nephew, sister, brother or grandchild of the sponsor, in case their parents are deceased

In order to become eligible to be able to sponsor a person to become the permanent resident of Canada, one needs to be over 18 years of age, and a permanent resident or citizen of Canada.

Along with the above two conditions, a sponsor should not be detained in person, cannot be subject to removal order, or in payment obligation ordered by the court or in an undertaking from a previous sponsorship.

In the last but not the least, a sponsor should not be in receipt of social assistance or cannot have declared bankruptcy. It should be noted here that, a citizen or permanent resident of Canada cannot become a sponsor in case he has been convicted in a crime of sexual nature or an offense that caused bodily harm to a family member.

In order to present an application for sponsorship, the person should be residing in Canada in the majority of cases. However, a citizen of Canada can sponsor a common-law-partner, spouse, dependent child or conjugal partner while living abroad, provided he starts living in Canada once the person being sponsored obtains the permanent residency of Canada.

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