5,000 New Applications Accepted under QSWP in 5 Hours

On 16th August, Tuesday, the government of Quebec, Canada, as expected, received an overwhelming response as Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) opened. A total of 5,000 new applications were received as the program opened. Within no time, the program reached its allotted limit.

QSWP is a famous immigration program from Canada. Aspiring immigrants can submit their applications through an online intake management system during a designated intake time period. This was the last intake that was planned for the year 2016, and the program closed within hours it opened.

Interested candidates who assessed the website were redirected to a virtual waiting room, as the application was accessed on a first-come first-serve basis. It took less than five hours for the intake cap to be reached.

The website was programmed in such a manner that it only accepted valid and complete application forms. Individuals who were proactive and had prepared well in advance were able to submit their candidature successfully.

Candidates who had a valid job offer from Quebec or who were residents of Quebec were exempted from this cap limit and had the liberty to submit their profile at any time.

There were some technical problems in the website when it was first introduced in January 2016. However, measures were soon taken to improve access to the website. Because of the improvement made in the website, 10,000 applications were comfortably accepted by the system during the two intake periods in June and August 2016.

The government of Quebec has stated that it planned to accept 2,800 new applications for this year, but it accepted a total of 10,000 applications. Over the period from 2017 – 2019, the government of Quebec is planning to accept more applications under the QSWP program.

Kathleen Weil, Quebec’s Minister of Immigration, has mentioned that the government is in plans to make some changes to the QSWP and make it look more like the Express Entry system that is started by the federal government.

The government of Quebec wants applicants to put an expression of interest and the government makes use of a ranking system to issue permanent residency to candidates. Quebec faces a problem similar to the one faced by the rest of Canadian provinces, where the majority of the local population is aging.

In case your application is not accepted do not be disheartened. You can contact the WWICS complaints cell and know what the shortcomings in your application were. WWICS has helped thousands of people in immigrating successfully to Canada. You can read the feedbacks of these happy clients from the WWICS reviews section.

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